Good Sees You Everywhere

A teacher had many good students in his class but had particular regard and high respect for one of them. Some of the students one day asked the teacher the reason for this. In reply he said, "I shall tell you tomorrow."

The next day, he handed to each of those students one live chicken. He asked them to take the chicken to a place where they would not be seen by anyone and then slaughter them. After a while, they returned with their chicken duly slaughtered. But his favourite student came back with his chicken alive.
The teacher asked him why he had not slaughtered it. He replied, "You haad asked me to go to a place where nobody would see me. I tried hard to find a place where God Almighty coukd not see me. But I failed. Everywhere went I was sure that God could see me and I could not hide from Him. So I could nit carry out your instruction.
On hearing this, the teacher turned to the other students and remarked, "The reason why I respect this student more is because of his constant awareness of the existence of God who can always see him, no matter where he is. Consequently, he does not commit any sin."
Particular: (adj/ks) khusus
Respect: (noun/kb) rasa hormat
Hand: (verb/kk) menyerahkan
Slaugter: (verb/kk) menyembelih
Duly: (adverb/k.ket) sebagaimana mestinya
Almighty: (n/kb) Yang Maha Kuasa
Turned: (v/kk) berbalik
Awareness: (n/kb) kesadaran
Existence: (n/kb) keberadaan
Commit: (v/kk) melakukan
Sin: (n/kb) dosa

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