Wazza now has a reason to hate Everton

Everyone knows that Wayne Rooney was formerly a fan of Everton, therefore he joined the Everton Football Academy, then he first played as a professional footballer as Everton's. Even he ever wore a T-Shirt with the words: Once Blue, Always Blue.

However, lucky him, he moved to the greatest football club all over the world: MANCHESTER UNITED.

His soul now has a new and the only one couple: The Red Devils.

Now, he even has a reason to hate his ex-club. It's Everton beat UNITED at the FA CUP semifinal on penalties as Howard saved from Dimitar and Rio.

Everton made 2 problems for Wazza especially.

First, they end UNITED's chance to get quintuple of trophies this season. It's really mean! They are really bad! Quintuple's chance is rare to happen, but now when UNITED still kept the chance until semifinal, they in fact broke our great dream...

Second, Everton broke Wazza's dream to win FA Cup. You know, since he was a child, Wazza has been dreaming to play at Wembley and win FA Trophy. He ever played twice at final, but first beat by Arsenal (2005) and then Chel**** (2007). How sad it is... Everton is really mean to Wazza!

So, hate Everton, Wazza! There's no more blue in your heart!

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