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I like watching movies, and I like many kind of movies: drama, romantic, comedy, adventure, fantasy, thriller, horror, musical, science fiction, historical, and action (sometimes) and war (just a few movies). Besides, I like watching television drama, like Heroes, Supernatural, Dawson’s Creek, The Lost, and Ghost Whisperer.

Hmm, I also like East Asian Drama, mostly from Korean, Japan, and Taiwan. I have already watched many of them. Korean Drama: Boys Before Flowers (a.k.a. Kgot Boda Namja), Mackerel Run, Sassy Girl Chun Hyang (a.k.a. Delightful Girl Choon Hyang), Full House, Silence, 18 vs 29, Endless Love (a.k.a. Autumn Tale), Wonderful Life, Jewell in The Palace, Memories In Bali, Summer Scent, Princess Hours, Stairway to Heaven, and many more. Taiwan Drama: Meteor Garden, MVP Lovers, Naughty Kiss, They Kiss Again, Mars, and so on. Japan Drama: Koizora, Boys Over Flowers (a.k.a Hanayori Dango), Oshin, Itazura Na Kiss, Bloody Monday, Attention Please, and many more.

Now, I want to talk about my most favorite things from East-Asian Drama.

Actor: Lee Min Ho! (haha, before he appeared in my life I had chosen Won Bin)
Others: Haruma Miura, Won Bin, Kim Jeong Hoon ‘Lee Yol’ (Princess Hours), and Rain.

Actress: Song Hye-Kyo!
Others: Han Chae-Young and “Chae-Kyoung Princess Hours” (Ups, I forget her name! Hehe...)

Korean Drama: Sassy Girl Chun Hyang!
Others: Full House and Jewell in The Palace

Japan Drama: Koizora
Others: Bloody Monday, Itazura Na Kiss, and BOF<

Taiwan Drama: Meteor Garden, absolutely!

The Saddest Drama: Autumn Tale (I cried much, from the beginning of the drama until the last episode.. Hiks.. Hikss)
Others: Koizora and Stairway to Heaven

The Funniest Drama: (of course) Sassy Girl Chun Hyang!!! Jae-Hee played as Mong Ryong really well, He was really witty. Hahaha...
Other: Mackerel Run!!! Haha, this drama is ‘over’ in many things, very slapstick but I like it so much!

The Most Romantic Drama: Koizora
Others: Meteor Garden and Autumn Tale

Btw, if you ask me why I watch Korean Drama more than the others, I will answer that Korean Actors mostly are really handsome!! Hahaha...

But, it’s not the only reason. I think the story of Korean Drama is better than the others. You can check it out by yourself if you don’t believe me, hehe...

Well, the most of the most favorite is Sassy Girl Chun Hyang!!!

I really like this drama. The story (mostly funny, but there are also sad and romantic episodes), the actors, the actresses, even all of the soundtracks of this drama. I like all of them!

I’ve already told you the synopsis of the drama on a posting titled “Bella, Han Chae-Young, and I”

Now, I just want to write about the soundtrack of the drama. Well, you can hear also the songs. I will only tell you about my most favorite songs:

1. Mi Ahn Hae Ya Ha Neun Guh Ni
It is a very sad song. It is always played if there is a sad scene. Sometimes I cry when I watch any scene with this song. However, I don’t know why, the scene of the first kiss is also with this song. Actually, it’s really a happy scene...

2. Sarang Haeyo (English: I Love You)
Well, there are many scenes in this drama that have this song, but I don’t know why I just can remember about the very last scene, the wedding, every time I hear this song...

3. Eung Geub Shil
I remember this song especially when they (Both Mong Ryong and Chun Hyang) meet at the bus station. It’s the first time they decide to really live together as a couple..

4. The Instrumental One (Hoho, I don’t know the title)
Contrary with Mi Ahn Hae Ya Ha Neun Guh Ni, this song is really a happy song. It accompanies many happy scenes. One of my favorite is when Mong-Ryong tries to find Chun-Hyang in the mall after the girl promised him to tell about her love to him directly if he can find her.

Yep, I think that’s enough for this moment...

I think you should watch this drama, especially for you who love East-Asian Dramas.

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