Carling Cup

Wow... wow...
Yesterday was really a nice day. It started when I watched the news on Lensa Olahraga, that is UNITED won the carling cup.
I cannot stop smiling after that

My life is so wonderful. United makes me cannot breathe easily. I’m so so so impressed so much that I almost lost my breathe...

Others may think: “it’s just Carling Cup!”
I don’t think so.
It’s really Carling Cup!!! The Cup that will make us get a Quintuple!!
We will be the first team all over the world that will make a very great record: Quintuple!!!
Imagine: five cups in a year!
It will be so amazing year!
So, thanks to our Ben Foster for his really good play. Of course, I won’t forget the rest of UNITED squad that played in the Final match or just supported from the edge of field, like my beloved Owen Hargreaves (I miss you so much)...
Thanks to all of UNITED!
We are really one big happy family!!!

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