UNITED goes to semifinal FA CUP!

United continued their amazing sensation by beat Fulham last night, 4-0!!! Hence, they go to semifinal. There are two matches left to get FA 2009 throphy. So did Chelsea. But, I'm not telling you about Hidding's squad... Hehe...

Carlitos scored two goals at the first half. I like his second goal! It's really a great goal! I can't describe it,,,
Moreover, at the second half, each of Wazza and JS Park (Bravo, Bravo, Asian! Hehe...) scored a goal. I like wazza's goal too. It's a really high-skilled goal!
Anyway, you know, recently UNITEDs (players, manager, fans, and everyone who related to UNITED) are one big happiest family all over the world!
Besides, UNITED often becomes a special topic. The journalists analyze UNITED's chance to get QUINTUPLE this season. Yep, UNITED has already two thropies: FIFA Club World Championship and Carling Cup. There are still three thropies that are waiting for us, possible to reach. Great Great job!!!
Bravo, always, MANCHESTER UNITED:)

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Windforce said...

Now we've gone to the next round of European Champion's league ~

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