Love Actually

Hmm, actually this film was produced in 2003 and first released on April 17, 2004 at Indonesia, I just watched this yesterday (April 10, 2009). It’s too late, isn’t it? Hehe..

I like the amazing charm of this film. I couldn’t stop smiling while and after I watched this. Moreover, I like the song too, Love is all around, and the background music is really beautiful!

I’ll tell u the brief story about this movie.

Set mostly in England, there are many characters with different love stories who are mutually related. David (Hugh Grant), the new prime minister, falls for his catering manager, Natalie (Martine McCutcheon), since the first sight. David’s sister, Karen (Emma Thompson), has problem with his husband, Harry (Alan Rickman). Harry somewhat has secret affair with his secretary, Mia. Moreover, Karen’s friends, Daniel (Liam Neeson) just lost his wife and discovered that his young stepson (Samuel) is in love with his schoolmate, and Jamie (Colin Firth) was broken-heart because his girl friend left him for his younger brother but then he finds a better woman, a Portuguese (Aurelia), when he stayed at France for finishing his writing.

Furthermore, Harry’s editor, Sarah (Laura Linney), has been dreaming to be with Karl, his colleague, for more than two years. Harry’s another employee, Colin, has decided to go to America, because he was frustrated with England girls. Colin’s pal, Tony, has two film stars who are in love to each other: Just Judy and John a.k.a. Jack. The last story is about Jamie’s friends: Mark (Andrew Lincoln) and Peter. Mark actually has fallen in love with Juliet (Keira Knightley), his best friend’s (Peter) wife, since long time ago, even since Peter and Juliet are not already married, but Mark instead telling the truth he acts unfriendly toward Juliet.

Oh yes, don’t forget that Rowan Atkinson also stars this movie, he plays as Rufus, the seller of a necklace which is bought by Harry. Like his common style, his acting is very weird and witty.

Wow, it’s complicated! I like this complicated relationship. Therefore, I drew the chart above. I like that chart, hope you all can enjoy and understand it.

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