UNITED is still OK

UNITED played draw against Porto at the UCL quarter final last night. They didn't play well, though this match was held at our Theater of Dreams. Even at 3', UNITED must saved their goal hard... It's so strange... They lost 1-0 at 4', then Wazza scored a goal for 1-1. At 85', Carlitos scored a goal, well, wuih, all of UNITED fans were really happy and felt a relief at that moment...
But, Porto scored another goal three minutes later.
The final score is 2-2. It's really not a good result for UNITED.

Here is the list of the players: Van der Sar, O'Shea, Vidic, Evans (Neville 72), Evra, Fletcher, Carrick, Scholes (Tevez 72), Ronaldo, Rooney, Park (Giggs 58).
Btw, I laughed when I read Evans' name is changed at a News Website. Chris Evans? Haha... The right one is Johny Evans, guy...
Latest days are hard time for UNITED. They lost twice, won once hard, then last night they played draw with Porto. People may wondering: what happened to UNITED? They are now doubt for UNITED, but I still believe on UNITED, no matter what happened. UNITED will be always my favorite!
Be patient! Our Victory will come soon! Quintuple!!!

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