My First Award

Today is started by a happiness. I was blogging in the early morning and found that I got my first award! Thanks so much to Blog Bisnisku.

This is a very nice award about friendship, the meaning is:
1. The Green Pillar is a sign of new friends
2. The Yellow Pillar is a sign of active friends
3. The Blue Pillar is a sign of high-PR friends
4. The Red Base is to show we are same, we have the same RED in our blood, no matter which level is we are: senior or junior in blogging world.

The requirements to take the award:
1. Make a posting like above, you can get the example of Indonesian version by clicking here
2. Make a link to the award sender
3. Please be my follower or exchange link with me
4. Copy paste the image above or download

I will give the award to this my friends:
1. Dito
2. Pashopati
3. Korea Banget
4. Forever United

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