Did they HEAR me?

I have been very irritated lately. Do you want to know why? Why? Okay, I’ll tell you: THEY DIDN’T HEAR ME!!! They no paid attention to what I SAID!!!

Actually, it’s really tiring!!!

And, I’ve become madder because it is not only happened once, but many times!!!


Why they did it to me? To the most sensitive girl in the Milky Way… why?? Why???


It was happened for the first time at the meeting of the committee of RAMADHAN EVENT at my campus. I have explained about the consumption matter for the first event of our agenda. I HAVE EXPLAINED why our Student Activity Manager was angry to us. I thought I’ve explained clearly and completely so all of them have understood the matter. But I WAS WRONG!! When the meeting has moved to the next subject and my friend unintentionally talked about the consumption matter once again (only she and I that exactly knew the consumption matter), everyone in the room said: ‘Oh, I see…’

Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

Did they hear me?? I just talked about it a few seconds ago!

I was really mad!!!

Was my voice too low? Was my explanation not clear? Am I a bad person? Am I an unimportant subject to be heard?

Then, the second time was happened in the journey back from the Bellagio Apartment and Mall, when the T-Club had a birthday party of the Senpai at Tomodachi Restaurant. Tadayoshi was making a joke by asking about the advertisement of Trenz Biscuit, where the mannequins are climbing the ITC Building to get the ‘Trenz’ at the top. I wondered if it was the first time for Six to see it. If yes, how come? The advertisement has been there since the building exists! So, I said: “it was there since long times ago, it is only mannequin!”

HOWEVER, you know what one of them said a few seconds later?

“Oh my god! Tadayoshi, they are just mannequins!”

That person said it with the expression as if she/he just saw it for the first time!

Agh, agh, agh! I was tired; my heart was a little bit broken!

It’s time to make‘revenge’!

You know what; I’ve planned to be the gold one: SILENT! Silent means gold. It is true, isn’t it? I hope I can spend my most hours to write or read, not to listen to whatever they said and make a reply that will be just ignored by them!!!

I am tired to be an ignored person!

And, the last, I just realized, there is no THEY! There is only SHE! Yeah, SHE is the one who always ignore what I said (or doesn’t hear??)!

I don’t know why, but when I think about her now, I find a fact. She made me mad many times lately!

What’s wrong actually?

Ugh, I REALLY LOVE THE PEACE, but I also cannot stand with this situation any longer!!!


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