Tetsuko Kuroyanagi てつこ くろやなぎ

I just realized something recently: TOTTO-CHAN really is an amazing book; I should know it since years ago. Unfortunately, the fact is I just knew about the book and finished it. What a pity!
Even, I wouldn’t know about the book if my ‘Senpai’ didn’t give it to me as a birthday gift.

Thanks so much to her! I love you, sis!

I am really socially awkward.


I always envy so much every author that is successful to write an amazing, unique, and different book. I hope someday is my turn to fell the sensation of being an amazing author, aamiin…
I will make a brief review about the book. Sorry if all of you have read the book and my review is not useful at all. Haha… It’s okay. I can accept that.

Tetsuko, who has a nick name of Totto-chan, told us in this book about her definitely unique elementary school, named Tomoe Gakuen, and its headmaster. In addition, actually her own self is also unique. I am impressed of her childhood and her behaviour as a kid. She really has a wonderful childhood. It is very different with my childhood as a quiet and shy girl.

There are many unique things in the school, here are some of them:
1. The classes are held in used railway coaches, not in a building!
2. Every student in a class can choose what subject to learn first every day, no matter what others’ choice is! The teacher job is giving a help and explanation to everyone that faces a difficulty in his or her self-learning-process.
3. The headmaster asks the students to bring lunch from house and the lunch must contain something from land and something from sea everyday!

Mr. Sosaku Kobayashi, the headmaster, is DEFINITELY a lovely person who really loves children. He never said ‘no’ to children, he is never angry to them, and he never calls them as bad children. He believes that every child has a nice character. His teaching method is really needed in this world. Every parent should learn the method to grow the children well from him. I am serious. If they obey Mr. Kobayashi’s rule, the violent won’t exist anymore! Believe me!

Totto-chan is one of lucky children that are very proud of Mr. Kobayashi. The headmaster never calls her as a bad girl although she has more fantasy than has any child as she always tries to do many things danger and annoying so that she was dropped out from her first elementary school! She is really thankful that she met Mr. Kobayashi that always believes her as a nice girl.

Wow, I cried and laughed so much when I read the book. Don’t be a next socially awkward person, so please read this amazing book!

If you can’t find it anywhere, I will lend mine to you pleasantly! Hey, don’t laugh; I’m not making a joke!

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