The TOP and The Ballon...

UNITED lost Wayne Rooney and Darren Fletcher who got injury after playing for their own Country in World Cup 2010 qualification.

However, they got a winning on October 17, 2009, and back to the TOP! Sugoi! Cool!

This comeback is helped by Aston Villa which surprisingly beat Chelsea at Villa Park although the guest played better than the host.

Zat Knight made an own goal at 5th minute (thanks to him) and Antonio Valencia finally made his first goal for UNITED at 32th minute. Omedetoo, boy!

Welcome back to home, Edwin van der Sar! Nice to see you again n_n

As usual, this is the list of the players:
Van der Sar; Neville, Evans, Ferdinand, Evra (O'Shea 83); Valencia, Anderson (Scholes 86), Carrick, Giggs; Berbatov, Owen (Welbeck 84).

Well, I'll finish this post by telling you the funny story about Liverpool's Lose this weekend. There was a red ball from its own supporter which made the team suffered the only goal in the match againts Sunderland. What an ironic!

Sorry, mbf T_T

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