Hello, How's life, UNITED? :)

It's very long time since my last post. Exactly, I didn't write anything for 10 months! Wow, Subhanallah... I envy so much that time in 'blog world' moves faster than time in reality. I hope you get what I mean. Haha.

So, what's up, UNITED? Well, they are fine, despite the fact that they lost back to back, from Liverpool and Chelsh*it two weeks ago.
They are fine, because they still go on in three competition, keep the chance to TREBLE alive: Premier League, FA, and Champions League. So sorry for Arsenal, hihi, the no 1 competitor in the two competitions. Well, Arsenal was already defeated in FA, they only become the burden in EPL now, hoho.

In Champions League, UNITED meets Chelsh*t in quarter final. Can't wait. Haha.

SO, keep moving on, keep the Real Red Flag flying high, my UNITED hero. You know that I can't smile without you :D

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