And UNITED Players Are Also Human…

I was hurt so badly when last week UNITED is beaten by their noisy neighbor with poor score: 6-1. It’s my worst nightmare ever T____T

Spontaneously I decide to sign my fesbuk, twitter, and YM off, ignore all the news either in the television, internet or newspaper. There is only one dominant thought in my head: I should dig a hole and burn myself there.

I asked myself thousand times: what happened to my UNITED? Why is this happened? Hello, you are really my heroes or not?

It’s really hurt when I watched the noisy neighbor score the fourth goal and I turned off the television (because I can’t watch the replay and the celebration – it’s really hurt for me T___T) but a few minutes later I turned it on again their score was already SIX. How come?

I blamed the players. Nani, Welbeck, Evans, Jones, and even their manager, Sir Alex, are all wrongs, for me.

And then I realized one thing: what a bad fan I am T____T

Supporting a team should not mean you expect them to always win and blame them if they lost in a game. Ckck. It’s really unfair!

The fans should realize that they are only the fans, not the player, or even the manager! They do not know the real feeling of LOST. The players are the ones who played the game, were very tired but still suffered the LOST. The manager is the one who made a strategy, shouted along the game, but still got LOST.

They are the ones who deserve a complaint. A very big complaint. But, to whom is the complaint? GOD? Well, if you forget, I am reminding you all: “This is life, not heaven. You cannot always get what you want.”

So, back to the story. I realized then that I should accept this result. I can’t just continue muttering: could the match be restarted from 0-0 please???

I should try imagining being in de Gea’s shoes. It’s very unimaginable to suffer SIX goals in a match. So sorry, de Gea! I hope you are strong enough to learn all the mistakes you maybe do that day.

Well, they are only human, they can also get lost in match, no matter how big the score is.

And life must go on.

Tonight, they win 1-0 from Everton. Congratulation!

But I still cannot stand to see premier league table or the list of top scorer. Huff. Yeah, you can call me a bad fan. Whatever. It’s just really hurt for me, seriously. Or maybe you can call me a coward. Yeah, whatever. I live this life not to please you, but GOD. Hoho :P

And I am still waiting any club that can get mancit down by a worse score, 10-0 will be very nice, seriously :P

I have a new dream since that night: MANCIT will suffer degradation soon, or even this season, I don’t care “how”.

And I am still shouting, in fesbuk or twitter, that UNITED is still a KING OF ENGLAND. It’s the fact, last time I checked.

And I think I know the continuity of writing written in that bald player of mancit’s t-shirt: WHY ALWAYS ME THAT IS UGLY. Ups. Haha.

GGMU, no matter what happens :*

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