Barcelona, The Top of The List

On last 28 October, a page in facebook named Manchester United Fans made a vote: "What's Your Most Hated Football Team ?!"

Of course, the voters are those who support United and like the page. So, the result of the voting will show the most hated football team by United fans.

The result shows Barcelona on the top of the list with 65 voters. And the noisy neighbor comes in the second. I am one of the 64 voters for them.

It's not surprised because Barcelona has put us in the second position twice in last three finals in Champions League. However, unlike many fans of United, I don't hate them. I just hate them for one until six days during and after the final, but then I realize that they are good and deserve the title.

And about the noisy, everyone knows that they are now our main competitor in Premier League, by ignoring the fact that they are already our true rival since we come from same city. We always talk about which one between us is the TRUE MANCHESTER: Red or Blue.

After Barca and the noisy neighbor, Chelsea shows in the third position. Yeah, I agree with this. I really hate them, after the noisy, because they got the title by money, it is really weird someone like Abramovich wants a title but he wants get it instantly. Ckck.

Then, Liverpool is the fourth most hated club by United fans. Actually I never really hate them although I am very happy that now we are the King, not them anymore. I cannot hate them because my best friend ever really love them. Hehe.

In the fifth position, there is Arsenal. I used to hate them so much. I remember that my old United diary is full of hated words and story about them. But now, I just feel sorry for them. Besides, there are many muslims join Arsenal. So, I cannot hate them anymore. Furthermore, they are now really nice to us. They gave us a 8-2 winning this season in OT. Haha... Seriously, Thank You so much Papa Arsene (smile please, pa).

The rests of the list are Madrid, Leeds (the one which should be our no.1 enemy because of the history), AC Milan, Everton, Muenchen (seriously? I think we should thank them for the most amazing final of UCL ever in 1999), Wigan (I cannot guess the reason), Ipswich Town (Don't ask me, I have no idea), Partizan Belgrade (This must be caused by something bad in UCL), and Rosenborg (Yeah, who knows :P).

This is the complete result of the votes:

Barcelona 65
City 64
Chelsea 37
Liverpool 25
Arsenal 10
Real Madrid 6
Leeds United 3
AC Milan 1
Everton 1
Muenchen 1
Wigan 1
Ipswich Town 1
Partizan Belgrade 1
Rosenborg 1

Surprisingly, there are three voters who voted for Man United. Ckck, we have spies.

And these are some good comments about the voting:

Mohd Yusri Mohd Yunus: "man shitty and all team versus manutd"
Jimmy Labeeu: "All italy team."
Emma Johnson: "any1 thats not united! shitty city crapperpool assnal trasherton ...."
Tuhin Mufc Sen: "used to like Barca until Sergio Busquets and Mascherano happened to em' and that over-rated Messi. He's a good player, not God! X("
Mike Manutd: "I'd rather die than support chelshit or barcheatlona.!"
Richard Ford: "i don't mind leeds and arsenal they are OK. but shitty and looserfool i cant stand either of them"
Kennet Johansson: "for the moment man city,,,,nxt week its chelsea again"
Yus Cleverley: "TETANGGA"
Ben Bailey: "Man City, they have to buy there victory, WE EARN IT !!!!"
Manuel Tamay: "No one ,futbol is abuot sport. I do not ever hate any body."
Maryam Smithy: "the noisy neighbor, of course! WHY ALWAYS ME THAT IS UGLY, HAHA :D"

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