A Tribute to Mazars

I am dreaming to be an auditor since I was in senior high school. My teacher told me how challenging and pleasant works of her as an auditor.

And then, when I was in University, I've got a brilliant lecturer for three subjects of Auditing: Auditing 1, Auditing 2, and Auditing Laboratory. She worked for PWC when she was younger and single. She sometimes told her students in the class her experiences in PWC. I am impressed and amazed. Now she is a head of finance at my campus, Perbanas.

She and all of her experience made my obsession to become auditor stronger.

Story goes on. Every year, all of CIMB Niaga scholarship recipients, like me, have an annual gathering. And once, the motivator of the gathering in 2010 (if I am not mistaken), said that all of us should have THE BEST DREAM to be dreamed, don't ever negotiate in determining the dream. So, I was rethinking about my dream to be an auditor. It's not "best" enough. And I remember one of my best lecturer's quote: "good is enemy of best". So, I just reproduce my dream: "I want to have my own super business: the first International-recognized of a local public accountant firm"

Hmm. Dream is free. So, why you don't just dream The Best Dream you can think...

Next. In my last semester, my Auditing Seminar lecturer is a partner! She has her own accounting firm. I really admire her. And she has a CPA. I should be better than her. I believe I can.

Okay, after I'm graduated from Perbanas, I have a chance to have training in a medium-leveled Public Accounting Firm, it's KAP HMR. My another lecturer works there. The training is only for two months, but it's very useful, although it's not quite different from what I've already learned in Auditing Laboratory subject in campus.

And, finally, we reached the final point of this writing: I worked for Mazars! This is my first work and it's an internationally accounting firm! Okay, I'll tell you about my experience at Mazars in a semi-poem writing below:

I am lucky.
I should realize that.
I am lucky for having a wonderful two-month, the most unforgettable moment ever, here.
It will not be the same anymore, I know.
But, at least, I already experienced that.

I am lucky.
I should realize that.
I have the loveliest manager here: smart, patience, and high motivated.
She gave me many chances and trust to learn many things here.
For the short two-months here, I already conducted Understanding & Walkthrough, Physical Count of Inventory, Balance Confirmation, and Substantive Test for Cash-Taxes-Prepayment-Operating Expenses- Inventory.
I will get more if I stay longer, I know.
But, if I cannot be grateful for what I already earned, I know God won’t give anymore to me.

I am lucky.
I should realize that.
I have pleasant work mates in my batch.
It’s really surprising that we can be good friends although we only have really a short time to meet in office in these two months because we are assigned to different clients.
It will be nice if we can be promoted together in this appraisal period, I know.
But I know God know which one is nicer for me and my career.

I am lucky.
I should realize that.
I’ve got nice seniors in my team here.
For the short two months, I am already assigned for three different teams in three different clients, and I am also assigned for four different Physical Inventory Count teams, and for those all I’ve got really nice seniors.
I learned many things from them.
I will get chance to be like them if I stay here.
But maybe God want me to be more than just like them.

I am lucky.
I really need to realize that, so I will not be sad.
I do not have to be sad, or even feel hurt.
I know it will not be the same anymore… but it will be better, for me, hopefully… it should be better… it must be better…
Alhamdulillah Ya Rob.

Thanks to Pak Sebastien Gautier for nicely accepting me to work here for two months.
Thanks to Ruth Mutiara, for being the best manager ever, here.
Thanks to James Kenneth Venta, for being my manager also and the training.
Thanks to Luisito Gallardo for the memorable interview and all the knowledge you share in all trainings I attended.
Thanks to Fernando Reyes, also for the memorable interview.
Thanks to Siena Rosell Cajucom and Melissa Paz Murillo for the trainings.
Thanks to Pak Tjiendra and Pak Handoko for short memorable discussion.
Thanks to Kak Anggia, Mbak Susi, Kak Layna, and Kak Edu for transferring the knowledge to me.
Thanks to David, Fahry, Elo, Agung, Karin, Icha, Andra for being nice team mates.
Thanks to Barry, Panji, and Fredy for being helpful friends in our batch.
And, finally, thanks to Rahma, Mira, Desy, Aggun, Indah (I mention your name here although we are in different batch, haha), Dila, and Diva for being really nice and unforgettable friends for me…
Thanks also for making my goodbye harder, really…

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