Why Do They Often Talk About Him?

Mr. Septo, my English lecturer at Perbanas Asian Banking Finance and Informatics Institute, is a very famous person at my campus. Most of students and lecturers know him. Especially for the students, he is an unforgettable person. They like talking about Mr. Septo all the time. I think it is caused by the difficulties that they meet to pass Mr. Septo’s class. The difficulties are the high standards that Mr. Septo determines to pass his class, the discipline of Mr. Septo, and his unique way to motivate others.

Mr. Septo determines high standards for students who want to pass his class. The students must be talkative in the class. They should ask if they do not understand his explanation. On the other hand, they are expected to answer any question from him. Mr. Septo doesn’t like if they just keep quiet, whether they understand or not. Furthermore, the students must do the project in English For Academic Purpose class as Mr. Septo’s instructions. He wants the students’ writing becomes more organized one. He pays attention to the structure of the paragraph very well. In fact, most of students consider either being talkative or writing with well structure is very difficult. It is not strange that they are worried about failure to pass Mr. Septo’s class.

The second difficulties is the discipline of Mr. Septo. The students must come to the class on time. In addition, they are ordered to bring an oxford dictionary every class meeting. Not only that, but the students also must submit all papers, works, and projects on time. If they are late to submit the tasks, their score will be minus 20 points. Meanwhile, if they come late or do not bring the dictionary, they will get a punishment. That’s why Mr. Septo is called a disciplinarian.

The last, Mr. Septo has an unique way to motivate students. He likes saying “See you next semester” to remind the students to study harder or they will not pass his class. Moreover, Mr. Septo sometimes says something that may hurt students’ feeling, but actually he wants the students realize their mistakes and make changes to improve their ability in English. He cares about his students very much. The good students will not feel down with whatever he says, instead they will be motivated to study harder.

The high standards to pass, the discipline, and the unique way to motivate are the difficulties that the students meet in Mr. Septo’s class. It is not strange that they like talking about Mr. Septo and these difficulties all the time. I hope they also discuss about the way to pass, and practice what they had discussed. The suitable words for them is “Talk Less, Does More”. However, in the class they should follow these words: “Talk More, Get More”.

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