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I joined a free course at TBI for four weeks, five meetings in a week, and two hours for each meeting. I was so lucky, wasn’t I? I really like my experience there. There are many good and nice teachers. They taught us, the students, the free-of-charge students in this case, with different style than others did. I spoke English much there, something that I never really did before. My English Speaking is the worst field of me. I realized that. I was really glad to join them.

I will tell you how to join the free course at the very end of this writing.

There are native and nonnative teachers. I had eleven ‘in training’ teachers (Jerry-Canada, Kika-INA, Mirah-INA, Stefi-Argentina, Nissya-UK, Kellie-UK, Mike-USA, Sindy-INA, Naila-Kazakhstan + New Zealand, Arvin-INA, and Lena-INA) and two permanent teachers (Mr. David and Mrs. Jody). My favorite teachers are Kika, Naila, and Kellie.

Kika, because she always has fun idea to teach the students. We laughed so much every time Kika taught us. The funniest idea of her was when she introduced to us some new craziest sport game! She mixed two until four existing sport game to make a new one. She gave one picture of new sport game to a pair of two students, and then asked us to make the game rule. My friend and I got a sport game that is a combination of football, F1, and athletics (sprinter and lifter)!!! That’s a really pleasant learning!

The second is Naila. She is really a nice teacher. She also did a fun teaching sometimes. My favorite subject of her is when she taught us about different wedding culture at some countries: India, Chinese, and Middle East. Then, she asked us to tell about many different wedding cultures in Indonesia. My group told her about Betawi’s culture (Jakarta’s old ethnic). It was the last meeting with her and TBIs.

The last favorite teacher of me is Kellie. I like her style. She is so English! She is so British! She is a beautiful, young, and energetic teacher. I envy her, because she is lucky to be an English! You know, I’ve been dreaming to go to UK some time since long time ago. I really like ENGLISH, especially MANCHESTER UNITED, of course!

Kellie is the best friend of NIssya. You know, I saw both of them at Mall Ambassador two days later after the last meeting of TBI’s free course. You know, Nissya ever told me that she loved my writing style. One day, she asked us to write an email to someone by using the words that have been collected from a game before. The words for me were:
  • going to visit a grave
  • how old are you
  • happy
  • my dreams come true
  • boxing
  • throw a ball
  • run
  • dinner
  • pecel lele (Indonesia’s food)
  • a fast car, and
  • wake up late.
So, here is my email, with some corrections by Nissya:

Dear Fina,

How are you? I’m okay. I want to tell you about my new idea for spending our boring holiday. I’m sure you will like this great idea.
I’m going to visit a grave on Thursday night. My younger brother recently was forced to pass a grave when he was coming back from school. he swore that he saw a ghost there. He told me that the ghost spoke to him! It asked my brother a question: “How old are you?”. Hmm, I know what you are thinking now. It sounds like rubbish, doesn’t it? So, let’s prove it! I’m definitely sure that you’ll be happy with my idea. And I can imagine what you will say if you finally see the ghost: “Oh, my dreams have come true!”
I’ve already prepared myself well to face anything that is waiting for us in the grave. I just want to make sure that I can beat my fear and survive. Therefore, I watch a horror movie every night before sleeping. Besides, I practice some skill to help me survive: running, throwing, and boxing. I’m planning to throw a ball to the ghost if it is angry. At least, I hope I can run really fast.
Can you pick me up at 9 pm? Before going to the grave, let’s have dinner at pecel lele stool, near the grave. Please drive a fast car, not your own car. You can borrow your father’s car. Just be nice to your father so he will allow you to drive his car. For example: don’t wake up late! I know he’ll be angry if you wake up late in the morning.
That’s all. Email me soon.

I was so happy that Nissya told that I don’t have problems with tenses! She was so impressed by my work. Hoho, it sounds nice for someone who wants to be a writer like me. Thanks, Nissya and all of TBIs!

Ladies and Gentlemen, there will be a next free course at TBI on JUNE!!! Prepare yourself well, because you must take a placement test before, and you can fail to join TBI if your English is neither LEVEL 1 nor LEVEL 5. Yep, only level 1 AND level 5! There is no space for level 2 until 4. Remember that!

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WARUNG GUE said...

wow. it seems u really have such a good time at tbi ya??? what a fantastic writing u have!!! bravo maryam... i think u are more than a talented young woman....

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